Amaury Forgeot d'Arc committed ad03b1c

PyUnicode_Split(): support NULL for the separator.

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                 api.PyUnicode_Split(w_str, space.wrap('\n'), -1)))
         assert r"[u'a', u'b', u'c\nd']" == space.unwrap(space.repr(
                 api.PyUnicode_Split(w_str, space.wrap('\n'), 2)))
+        assert r"[u'a', u'b', u'c d']" == space.unwrap(space.repr(
+                api.PyUnicode_Split(space.wrap(u'a\nb  c d'), None, 2)))
         assert "[u'a', u'b', u'c', u'd']" == space.unwrap(space.repr(
                 api.PyUnicode_Splitlines(w_str, 0)))
         assert r"[u'a\n', u'b\n', u'c\n', u'd']" == space.unwrap(space.repr(


     Otherwise, splits occur at the given separator.  At most maxsplit
     splits will be done.  If negative, no limit is set.  Separators
     are not included in the resulting list."""
+    if w_sep is None:
+        w_sep = space.w_None
     return space.call_method(w_str, "split", w_sep, space.wrap(maxsplit))
 @cpython_api([PyObject, rffi.INT_real], PyObject)