Armin Rigo committed ae161de

Pffff, I see no way to pass down the original MAKEFLAGS to
the subprocess. This makes the "-jN" option unusable.
As a result, increase the time estimate...

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 	@echo "Building a regular (jitting) version of PyPy, using"
 	@echo "$(PYPY_EXECUTABLE) to run the translation itself."
-	@echo "This takes around 45 minutes and $(URAM) GB of RAM."
+	@echo "This takes up to 1 hour and $(URAM) GB of RAM."
-	@echo
-	@echo "If you have N cores, consider running \`\`MAKEFLAGS=-jN make'' to"
-	@echo "speed up the last part  (but \`\`make -jN'' does not work!)"
 	@echo "===================================================================="
 	@sleep 5