Armin Rigo  committed af2f3e9

Backout 6df0aaf4caf2: it seems that the interpreter part is indeed a
tiny bit faster, but the rest of the runtime code (which is also used by
JITted code) becomes markably slower.

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File pypy/translator/platform/

                  + os.environ.get('LDFLAGS', '').split())
     extra_libs = ('-lrt',)
     cflags = tuple(
-             ['-Os',   # more compact and actually a bit faster
-              '-pthread', '-fomit-frame-pointer',
+             ['-O3', '-pthread', '-fomit-frame-pointer',
               '-Wall', '-Wno-unused']
              + os.environ.get('CFLAGS', '').split())
     standalone_only = ()