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Don't test for hash randomization on PyPy.

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File lib-python/3.2/test/

 import subprocess
 import tempfile
 from test.script_helper import spawn_python, kill_python, assert_python_ok, assert_python_failure
+from import check_impl_detail
 # XXX (ncoghlan): Move to script_helper and make consistent with run_python
             rc, out, err = assert_python_ok('-R', '-c', code)
             self.assertEqual(rc, 0)
-        self.assertNotEqual(hashes[0], hashes[1])
+        if check_impl_detail(pypy=False):  # PyPy does not really implement it!
+            self.assertNotEqual(hashes[0], hashes[1])
         # Verify that sys.flags contains hash_randomization
         code = 'import sys; print("random is", sys.flags.hash_randomization)'