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-The getting-started document will help guide you:
+If you want to help developing PyPy, this document might help you:
-    http://doc.pypy.org/en/latest/getting-started.html
+    http://doc.pypy.org/
 It will also point you to the rest of the documentation which is generated
 from files in the pypy/doc directory within the source repositories. Enjoy

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-Getting Started with the Translation Toolchain and Development Process
+Getting Started with RPython
 .. contents::
+This should really write a word of two about **WHAT** is RPython
 .. _`try out the translator`:
 Trying out the translator

File pypy/doc/getting-started-python.rst

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 PyPy's Python interpreter is a very compliant Python
-interpreter implemented in Python.  When translated to C, it passes most of 
+interpreter implemented in RPython.  When compiled, it passes most of 
 `CPythons core language regression tests`_ and comes with many of the extension
 modules included in the standard library including ``ctypes``. It can run large
 libraries such as Django_ and Twisted_. There are some small behavioral
 Translating using the CLI backend
+**Note: the CLI backend is no longer maintained**
 To create a standalone .NET executable using the `CLI backend`_::
     ./translate.py --backend=cli targetpypystandalone.py

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-Welcome to PyPy Development
+Welcome to PyPy
 The PyPy project aims at producing a flexible and fast Python_
-implementation.  The guiding idea is to translate a Python-level
-description of the Python language itself to lower level languages.
-Rumors have it that the secret goal is being faster-than-C which is
-nonsense, isn't it?  `more...`_
+implementation. For the general idea what is pypy, consult the `pypy website`_.
+This page documents entry points into the development of the PyPy project.
+If you just want to use it, consult the `download`_ page on the PyPy website
+and `getting started with pypy`_ document.
-Getting into PyPy ... 
+PyPy is written in a language called `RPython`_, which is suitable for
+writing dynamic language interpreters (and not much else).
+`Starting with RPython`_ should provide a reasonable overview if you want
+to learn the language.
+**If you want to contribute to PyPy**, please read `how to contribute`_ first.
+PyPy development style is vastly different than most other software projects
+and it usually comes as surprise to most people. What is **not** necessary is
+having academic knowledge from university about writing compilers. Most of
+it does not apply to PyPy at all.
+All of the documentation and source code is available under the MIT license,
+unless otherwise specified. Consult `LICENSE`_
+.. _`download`: http://pypy.org/download.html
+.. _`getting started with pypy`: getting-started-python.html
+.. _`RPython`: coding-guide.html#RPython
+.. _`Starting with RPython`: getting-started-dev.html
+.. _`how to contribute`: how-to-contribute.html
+.. _`pypy website`: http://pypy.org
+Index of various topics:
 * `Getting started`_: how to install and run the PyPy Python interpreter
 * `potential project ideas`_: In case you want to get your feet wet...
 Documentation for the PyPy Python Interpreter
 New features of PyPy's Python Interpreter and 
 Translation Framework: 
   * `Differences between PyPy and CPython`_
-  * `What PyPy can do for your objects`_
-  * `Continulets and greenlets`_
+  * `What PyPy can do for your objects`_ - transparent proxy documentation
+  * `Continulets and greenlets`_ - documentation about stackless features
   * `JIT Generation in PyPy`_ 
+  * `JIT hooks`_
   * `Sandboxing Python code`_
+  * `Garbage collection environment variables`_
 Status_ of the project.
+.. _`Differences between PyPy and CPython`: cpython_differences.html
+.. _`What PyPy can do for your objects`: objspace-proxies.html
+.. _`Continulets and greenlets_`: stackless.html
+.. _`JIT Generation in PyPy`: jit/index.html
+.. _`JIT hooks`: jit-hooks.html
+.. _`Sandboxing Python code`: sandbox.html
+.. _`Garbage collection environment variables`: gc_info.html
 Mailing lists, bug tracker, IRC channel
 Project Documentation
-PyPy was funded by the EU for several years. See the `web site of the EU
-project`_ for more details.
-.. _`web site of the EU project`: http://pypy.org
-architecture_ gives a complete view of PyPy's basic design. 
+`architecture`_ gives a complete view of PyPy's basic design. 
 `coding guide`_ helps you to write code for PyPy (especially also describes
 coding in RPython a bit). 
 `Glossary`_ of PyPy words to help you align your inner self with
 the PyPy universe.
 PyPy can be used to run Python programs on Linux, OS/X,
-Windows, on top of .NET, and on top of Java.
 To dig into PyPy it is recommended to try out the current
 Mercurial default branch, which is always working or mostly working,
 instead of the latest release, which is `2.0 beta1`__.
 `configuration documentation`_ describes the various configuration options that
 allow you to customize PyPy.
+`pypy on windows`_
+`command line reference`_
 `CLI backend`_ describes the details of the .NET backend.
 `JIT Generation in PyPy`_ describes how we produce the Python Just-in-time Compiler
 from our Python interpreter.
+`directory cross-reference`_
+.. _`garbage collector`: garbage_collection.html
+.. _`directory cross-reference`: dir-reference.html
+.. _`pypy on windows`: windows.html
+.. _`command line reference`: commandline_ref.html
 .. _`FAQ`: faq.html
 .. _Glossary: glossary.html
 .. _`PyPy video documentation`: video-index.html
 .. _`translation aspects`: translation-aspects.html
 .. _`configuration documentation`: config/
 .. _`coding guide`: coding-guide.html 
-.. _`architecture`: architecture.html 
+.. _`Architecture`: architecture.html 
 .. _`getting started`: getting-started.html 
 .. _`bytecode interpreter`: interpreter.html 
 .. _`EU reports`: index-report.html
 .. _`Sandboxing Python code`: sandbox.html
 .. _`LICENSE`: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/default/LICENSE
-PyPy directory cross-reference 
-Here is a fully referenced alphabetical two-level deep 
-directory overview of PyPy: 
-=================================  ============================================
-Directory                          explanation/links
-=================================  ============================================
-`pypy/bin/`_                       command-line scripts, mainly
-                                   `pypy/bin/pyinteractive.py`_
-`pypy/config/`_                    handles the numerous options for building
-                                   and running PyPy
-`pypy/doc/`_                       text versions of PyPy developer
-                                   documentation
-`pypy/doc/config/`_                documentation for the numerous translation
-                                   options
-`pypy/doc/discussion/`_            drafts of ideas and documentation
-``doc/*/``                         other specific documentation topics or tools
-`pypy/interpreter/`_               `bytecode interpreter`_ and related objects
-                                   (frames, functions, modules,...) 
-`pypy/interpreter/pyparser/`_      interpreter-level Python source parser
-`pypy/interpreter/astcompiler/`_   interpreter-level bytecode compiler,
-                                   via an AST representation
-`pypy/module/`_                    contains `mixed modules`_
-                                   implementing core modules with 
-                                   both application and interpreter level code.
-                                   Not all are finished and working.  Use
-                                   the ``--withmod-xxx``
-                                   or ``--allworkingmodules`` translation
-                                   options.
-`pypy/objspace/`_                  `object space`_ implementations
-`pypy/objspace/std/`_              the StdObjSpace_ implementing CPython's
-                                   objects and types
-`pypy/tool/`_                      various utilities and hacks used
-                                   from various places 
-`pypy/tool/algo/`_                 general-purpose algorithmic and mathematic
-                                   tools
-`pypy/tool/pytest/`_               support code for our `testing methods`_
-`rpython/annotator/`_              `type inferencing code`_ for
-                                   `RPython`_ programs 
-`rpython/config/`_                 handles the numerous options for RPython
-`rpython/flowspace/`_              the FlowObjSpace_ implementing
-                                   `abstract interpretation`_
-`rpython/rlib/`_                   a `"standard library"`_ for RPython_
-                                   programs
-`rpython/rtyper/`_                 the `RPython Typer`_ 
-`rpython/rtyper/lltypesystem/`_    the `low-level type system`_ for
-                                   C-like backends
-`rpython/rtyper/ootypesystem/`_    the `object-oriented type system`_
-                                   for OO backends
-`rpython/memory/`_                 the `garbage collector`_ construction
-                                   framework
-`rpython/translator/`_             translation_ backends and support code
-`rpython/translator/backendopt/`_  general optimizations that run before a 
-                                   backend generates code
-`rpython/translator/c/`_           the `GenC backend`_, producing C code
-                                   from an
-                                   RPython program (generally via the rtyper_)
-`rpython/translator/cli/`_         the `CLI backend`_ for `.NET`_
-                                   (Microsoft CLR or Mono_)
-`pypy/goal/`_                      our `main PyPy-translation scripts`_
-                                   live here
-`rpython/translator/jvm/`_         the Java backend
-`rpython/translator/tool/`_        helper tools for translation
-`dotviewer/`_                      `graph viewer`_
-``*/test/``                        many directories have a test subdirectory
-                                   containing test 
-                                   modules (see `Testing in PyPy`_) 
-``_cache/``                        holds cache files from various purposes
-=================================  ============================================
-.. _`bytecode interpreter`: interpreter.html
-.. _`Testing in PyPy`: coding-guide.html#testing-in-pypy 
-.. _`mixed modules`: coding-guide.html#mixed-modules 
-.. _`modules`: coding-guide.html#modules 
-.. _`basil`: http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~jriehl/BasilTalk.pdf
-.. _`object space`: objspace.html
-.. _FlowObjSpace: objspace.html#the-flow-object-space 
-.. _`transparent proxies`: objspace-proxies.html#tproxy
-.. _`Differences between PyPy and CPython`: cpython_differences.html
-.. _`What PyPy can do for your objects`: objspace-proxies.html
-.. _`Continulets and greenlets`: stackless.html
-.. _StdObjSpace: objspace.html#the-standard-object-space 
-.. _`abstract interpretation`: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_interpretation
-.. _`rpython`: coding-guide.html#rpython 
-.. _`type inferencing code`: translation.html#the-annotation-pass 
-.. _`RPython Typer`: translation.html#rpython-typer 
-.. _`testing methods`: coding-guide.html#testing-in-pypy
-.. _`translation`: translation.html 
-.. _`GenC backend`: translation.html#genc 
-.. _`CLI backend`: cli-backend.html
-.. _`py.py`: getting-started-python.html#the-py.py-interpreter
-.. _`translatorshell.py`: getting-started-dev.html#try-out-the-translator
-.. _JIT: jit/index.html
-.. _`JIT Generation in PyPy`: jit/index.html
-.. _`just-in-time compiler generator`: jit/index.html
-.. _rtyper: rtyper.html
-.. _`low-level type system`: rtyper.html#low-level-type
-.. _`object-oriented type system`: rtyper.html#oo-type
-.. _`garbage collector`: garbage_collection.html
-.. _`main PyPy-translation scripts`: getting-started-python.html#translating-the-pypy-python-interpreter
-.. _`.NET`: http://www.microsoft.com/net/
-.. _Mono: http://www.mono-project.com/
-.. _`"standard library"`: rlib.html
-.. _`graph viewer`: getting-started-dev.html#try-out-the-translator
 .. The following documentation is important and reasonably up-to-date:
 .. extradoc: should this be integrated one level up: dcolish?
 .. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1
-   getting-started.rst
-   getting-started-python.rst
-   getting-started-dev.rst
-   windows.rst
-   faq.rst
-   commandline_ref.rst
-   architecture.rst
-   coding-guide.rst
-   cpython_differences.rst
-   garbage_collection.rst
-   gc_info.rst

File pypy/doc/needswork.txt

-.. warning::
-   This documentation needs work (as discussed during the Gothenburg sprint in 2011)

File pypy/doc/objspace-proxies.rst

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 .. contents::
 Thanks to the `Object Space`_ architecture, any feature that is
 based on proxying, extending, changing or otherwise controlling the
 behavior of all objects in a running program is easy to implement on