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File pypy/doc/cppyy.rst

     $ cd pypy
     $ hg up reflex-support         # optional
     $ cd pypy/translator/goal
+    # This example shows python, but using pypy-c is faster and uses less memory
     $ python -O jit --gcrootfinder=shadowstack --withmod-cppyy
 This will build a ``pypy-c`` that includes the cppyy module, and through that,
 Reflex support.
 Of course, if you already have a pre-built version of the ``pypy`` interpreter,
 you can use that for the translation rather than ``python``.
+If not, you may want `to obtain a binary distribution`_ to speed up the
+translation step.
 .. _`PyPy sources`:
+.. _`to obtain a binary distribution`:
 Basic example