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File rpython/jit/backend/x86/

     def _load_shadowstack_top_in_ebx(self, mc, gcrootmap):
+        """Loads the shadowstack top in ebx, and returns an integer
+        that gives the address of the stack top.  If this integer doesn't
+        fit in 32 bits, it will be loaded in r11.
+        """
         rst = gcrootmap.get_root_stack_top_addr()
         if rx86.fits_in_32bits(rst):
             mc.MOV_rj(ebx.value, rst)            # MOV ebx, [rootstacktop]
         if rx86.fits_in_32bits(rst):
   , ebx.value)            # MOV [rootstacktop], ebx
+            # The integer 'rst' doesn't fit in 32 bits, so we know that
+            # _load_shadowstack_top_in_ebx() above loaded it in r11.
+            # Reuse it.  Be careful not to overwrite r11 in the middle!
   , 0),
                            ebx.value) # MOV [r11], ebx