Manuel Jacob committed c077b2f

Port fix for ropenssl from the llvm branch to default.

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 ASN1_STRING = lltype.Ptr(lltype.ForwardReference())
 ASN1_ITEM = rffi.COpaquePtr('ASN1_ITEM')
-ASN1_ITEM_EXP = lltype.Ptr(lltype.FuncType([], ASN1_ITEM))
 X509_NAME = rffi.COpaquePtr('X509_NAME')
+class CConfigBootstrap:
+    _compilation_info_ = eci
+    OPENSSL_EXPORT_VAR_AS_FUNCTION = rffi_platform.Defined(
+if rffi_platform.configure(CConfigBootstrap)["OPENSSL_EXPORT_VAR_AS_FUNCTION"]:
+    ASN1_ITEM_EXP = lltype.Ptr(lltype.FuncType([], ASN1_ITEM))
 class CConfig:
     _compilation_info_ = eci
          ('block_size', rffi.INT)])
     EVP_MD_SIZE = rffi_platform.SizeOf('EVP_MD')
     EVP_MD_CTX_SIZE = rffi_platform.SizeOf('EVP_MD_CTX')
-    OPENSSL_EXPORT_VAR_AS_FUNCTION = rffi_platform.Defined(
-                                             "OPENSSL_EXPORT_VAR_AS_FUNCTION")
     OBJ_NAME_st = rffi_platform.Struct(
 ssl_external('i2a_ASN1_INTEGER', [BIO, ASN1_INTEGER], rffi.INT)
              [rffi.VOIDP, rffi.CCHARPP, rffi.LONG, ASN1_ITEM], rffi.VOIDP)
-    ssl_external('ASN1_ITEM_ptr', [ASN1_ITEM_EXP], ASN1_ITEM, macro=True)
-    ssl_external('ASN1_ITEM_ptr', [rffi.VOIDP], ASN1_ITEM, macro=True)
+ssl_external('ASN1_ITEM_ptr', [ASN1_ITEM_EXP], ASN1_ITEM, macro=True)
 ssl_external('sk_GENERAL_NAME_num', [GENERAL_NAMES], rffi.INT,
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