Armin Rigo  committed c17d6f5

Kill a parameter not used any more, and a corresponding comment.

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File lib_pypy/_ctypes/

-            return self._build_result(self._restype_, result, newargs)
+            return self._build_result(self._restype_, result)
         retval = restype._CData_retval(buf)
         return retval
-    def _build_result(self, restype, result, argsandobjs):
+    def _build_result(self, restype, result):
         """Build the function result:
            If there is no OUT parameter, return the actual function result
            If there is one OUT parameter, return it
         # i.e. an array of ints. Now it takes a result, which is already a
         # python object. All places that do "resbuffer[0]" should check that
         # result is actually an int and just use it.
-        #
-        # Also, argsandobjs used to be "args" in __call__, now it's "newargs"
-        # (i.e., the already unwrapped objects). It's used only when we have a
-        # PARAMFLAG_FOUT and it's probably wrong, I'll fix it when I find a
-        # failing test
         retval = None