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 PyPy from the corresponding branches (respectively ``py3k`` and
+.. _`NumPy in PyPy`:
+.. _`Py3k (Python 3)`:
+.. _`Software Transactional Memory`:
-* This release still implements Python 2.7, using the standard library of
-  CPython 2.7.2.
+* This release still implements Python 2.7, the standard library has been
+  upgraded to CPython 2.7.2.
 * Many bugs were corrected for Windows 32 bit.  This includes new
   functionality to test the validity of file descriptors; and
   correct handling of the calling convensions for ctypes.  (Still not
-  much progress on Win64.)
+  much progress on Win64.) A lot of work on this has been done by Matti Picus
+  and Amaury Forgeot D'Arc.
 * Improvements in ``cpyext``, our emulator for CPython C extension modules.
   For example PyOpenSSL should now work.
 * JIT hooks for inspecting the created assembler code has been improved.
   See `JIT hooks documentation`_ for details.
+* ``select.kqueue`` has been added.
+* Handling of keyword arguments has been drastically improved in the best-case
+  scenario.
+* List comprehension has been improved.
 .. _`numpy status`:
 .. _`JitViewer docs`:
 .. _`JIT hooks documentation`:
-XXX should we do something with whatsnew-1.9.txt?