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Michał Bendowski  committed c59ec98

Add a missing cast from Unsigned to UnsignedLongLong in the JVM

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  • Parent commits 6b650a5
  • Branches jvm-improvements

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File pypy/translator/jvm/metavm.py

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 CASTS = {
 #   FROM                      TO
     (ootype.Signed,           ootype.UnsignedLongLong): jvm.I2L,
+    (ootype.Unsigned,         ootype.UnsignedLongLong): jvm.I2L,
     (ootype.SignedLongLong,   ootype.Signed):           jvm.L2I,
     (ootype.UnsignedLongLong, ootype.Unsigned):         jvm.L2I,
     (ootype.UnsignedLongLong, ootype.Signed):           jvm.L2I,

File pypy/translator/oosupport/test_template/cast.py

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 def to_longlong(x):
     return r_longlong(x)
+def to_ulonglong(x):
+    return r_ulonglong(x)
 def uint_to_int(x):
     return intmask(x)
     def test_unsignedlonglong_to_unsigned4(self):
         self.check(to_uint, [r_ulonglong(18446744073709551615l)]) # max 64 bit num
+    def test_unsigned_to_usignedlonglong(self):
+        self.check(to_ulonglong, [r_uint(42)])
     def test_uint_to_int(self):
         self.check(uint_to_int, [r_uint(sys.maxint+1)])