Maciej Fijalkowski avatar Maciej Fijalkowski committed c73e7df

be slightly more robust against random stuff like opaque types

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         flags['track_allocation'] = v_track_allocation.value
     if i_add_memory_pressure is not None:
         flags['add_memory_pressure'] = v_add_memory_pressure.value
-    mpa = hop.r_result.lowleveltype.TO._hints.get('memory_position_alignment',
-                                                  None)
+    T = hop.r_result.lowleveltype.TO
+    mpa = getattr(T, '_hints', {}).get('memory_position_alignment', None)
     if mpa is not None:
         flags['memory_position_alignment'] = mpa
     vlist.append(hop.inputconst(lltype.Void, flags))
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