Simon Cross avatar Simon Cross committed c7ed613

Add support for func_doc/__doc__ to interpindirect2app.

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     exec func_code.compile() in d
     f = d['f']
     f.func_defaults = unbound_meth.func_defaults
+    f.func_doc = unbound_meth.func_doc
     f.__module__ = func.__module__
     # necessary for unique identifiers for pickling
     f.func_name = func.func_name


         class BaseA(W_Root):
             def method(self, space, x):
+                "This is a method"
             def method_with_default(self, space, x=5):
         assert space.int_w(space.call_function(w_c, w_a, space.wrap(1))) == 1 + 2
         assert space.int_w(space.call_function(w_c, w_b, space.wrap(-10))) == -10 + 1
+        doc = space.str_w(space.getattr(w_c, space.wrap('__doc__')))
+        assert doc == "This is a method"
         meth_with_default = gateway.interpindirect2app(
             BaseA.method_with_default, {'x': int})
         w_d = space.wrap(meth_with_default)
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