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Philip Jenvey  committed cb8e34d

might as well use is_none here

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File pypy/interpreter/baseobjspace.py

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             return buf.as_str()
     def str_or_None_w(self, w_obj):
-        if self.is_w(w_obj, self.w_None):
-            return None
-        return self.str_w(w_obj)
+        return None if self.is_none(w_obj) else self.str_w(w_obj)
     def str_w(self, w_obj):
         return w_obj.str_w(self)

File pypy/module/_winreg/interp_winreg.py

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-def str_or_None_w(space, w_obj):
-    if space.is_w(w_obj, space.w_None):
-        return None
-    return space.str_w(w_obj)
 def ConnectRegistry(space, w_machine, w_hkey):
     """key = ConnectRegistry(computer_name, key)
 The return value is the handle of the opened key.
 If the function fails, an EnvironmentError exception is raised."""
-    machine = str_or_None_w(space, w_machine)
+    machine = space.str_or_None_w(w_machine)
     hkey = hkey_w(w_hkey, space)
     with lltype.scoped_alloc(rwinreg.PHKEY.TO, 1) as rethkey:
         ret = rwinreg.RegConnectRegistry(machine, hkey, rethkey)