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Amaury Forgeot d'Arc  committed d1414c1

Try to fix cpyext. Does not work yet, importing it segfaults CPython :-/

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File pypy/module/cpyext/typeobject.py

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     track_reference(space, lltype.nullptr(PyObject.TO), space.w_type)
     track_reference(space, lltype.nullptr(PyObject.TO), space.w_object)
     track_reference(space, lltype.nullptr(PyObject.TO), space.w_tuple)
-    track_reference(space, lltype.nullptr(PyObject.TO), space.w_str)
+    track_reference(space, lltype.nullptr(PyObject.TO), space.w_unicode)
     # create the objects
     py_type = create_ref(space, space.w_type)
     py_object = create_ref(space, space.w_object)
     py_tuple = create_ref(space, space.w_tuple)
-    py_str = create_ref(space, space.w_str)
+    py_str = create_ref(space, space.w_unicode)
     # form cycles
     pto_type = rffi.cast(PyTypeObjectPtr, py_type)
     track_reference(space, py_type, space.w_type, replace=True)
     track_reference(space, py_object, space.w_object, replace=True)
     track_reference(space, py_tuple, space.w_tuple, replace=True)
-    track_reference(space, py_str, space.w_str, replace=True)
+    track_reference(space, py_str, space.w_unicode, replace=True)
 @cpython_api([PyObject], lltype.Void, external=False)
     w_type = from_ref(space, rffi.cast(PyObject, type))
     assert isinstance(w_type, W_TypeObject)
-    if not space.isinstance_w(w_name, space.w_str):
+    if not space.isinstance_w(w_name, space.w_unicode):
         return None
     name = space.str_w(w_name)
     w_obj = w_type.lookup(name)