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 * `STM`_ (software transactional memory): a preview will be released very soon,
   once we fix a few bugs
-* `NumPy`_ which is included in the PyPy 2.3 release. More details below.
+* `NumPy`_ which requires installation of our fork of upstream numpy, available `on bitbucket`_
 .. _`Py3k`:
 .. _`STM`:
 .. _`NumPy`:
+.. _`on bitbucket`:   
 What is PyPy?
 * A CFFI-based version of the gdbm module is now included in our downloads
+* Many issues were resolved_ since the 2.3 release on May 8
 .. _`whats-new`:
+.. _resolved:
 Please try it out and let us know what you think. We especially welcome
 success stories, we know you are using PyPy, please tell us about it!


 Support compilation with gcc-4.9
-Fixes for issues #1769, #1764, #1762, #1752
 Added support for the stdlib gdbm module via cffi
 Annotator cleanups