Philip Jenvey avatar Philip Jenvey committed d6525cd

fix test_posix2, it inherits space from the module scope

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 import signal
 def setup_module(mod):
+    usemodules = ['binascii', 'posix', 'struct', 'rctime']
     if != 'nt':
- = gettestobjspace(usemodules=['posix', 'fcntl', 'struct'])
+        usemodules += ['fcntl']
         # On windows, os.popen uses the subprocess module
- = gettestobjspace(usemodules=['posix', '_rawffi', 'thread', 'struct'])
+        usemodules += ['_rawffi', 'thread']
+ = gettestobjspace(usemodules=usemodules)
     mod.path = udir.join('posixtestfile.txt')
     mod.path.write("this is a test")
     mod.path2 = udir.join('test_posix2-')
 class AppTestPosix:
-    spaceconfig = {
-        "usemodules": ["binascii", "struct", "rctime"],
-    }
     def setup_class(cls): = space
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