Antonio Cuni  committed d680100

really fix test_tuple_immutable. I was sure to have run the test before checking in, but evidently I didn't

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File pypy/rpython/ootypesystem/

 from pypy.rpython.rtuple import AbstractTupleRepr, AbstractTupleIteratorRepr
 from pypy.rpython.ootypesystem import ootype
 from pypy.rpython.ootypesystem import rstr
+from pypy.rpython.ootypesystem.rtupletype import TUPLE_TYPE
 class TupleRepr(AbstractTupleRepr):
     rstr_ll = rstr.LLHelpers
     def __init__(self, rtyper, items_r):
         AbstractTupleRepr.__init__(self, rtyper, items_r)
-        self.lowleveltype = ootype.Record(dict(zip(self.fieldnames, self.lltypes)))
+        self.lowleveltype = TUPLE_TYPE(self.lltypes)
     def newtuple(cls, llops, r_tuple, items_v):
         # items_v should have the lowleveltype of the internal reprs

File pypy/rpython/ootypesystem/

 def TUPLE_TYPE(field_lltypes):
     if len(field_lltypes) == 0:
-        return Void      # empty tuple
+        return ootype.Void      # empty tuple
         fields = [('item%d' % i, TYPE) for i, TYPE in enumerate(field_lltypes)]
         hints = {'immutable': True,