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Alex Gaynor  committed da48d76

properly map the new llop to the right JVM method.

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File pypy/translator/jvm/opcodes.py

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     'cast_ulonglong_to_float':  jvm.PYPYULONGTODOUBLE,
     'cast_primitive':           [PushAllArgs, CastPrimitive, StoreResult],
     'force_cast':               [PushAllArgs, CastPrimitive, StoreResult],
+    'convert_float_bytes_to_longlong': jvm.PYPYDOUBLEBYTESTOLONG,

File pypy/translator/jvm/typesystem.py

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 PYPYDOUBLETOULONG =     Method.s(jPyPy, 'double_to_ulong', (jDouble,), jLong)
 PYPYULONGTODOUBLE =     Method.s(jPyPy, 'ulong_to_double', (jLong,), jDouble)
 PYPYLONGBITWISENEGATE = Method.v(jPyPy, 'long_bitwise_negate', (jLong,), jLong)
+PYPYDOUBLEBYTESTOLONG = Method.v(jPyPy, 'pypy__float2longlong', (jDouble,), jLong)
 PYPYSTRTOINT =          Method.v(jPyPy, 'str_to_int', (jString,), jInt)
 PYPYSTRTOUINT =         Method.v(jPyPy, 'str_to_uint', (jString,), jInt)
 PYPYSTRTOLONG =         Method.v(jPyPy, 'str_to_long', (jString,), jLong)