Amaury Forgeot d'Arc committed dad6ba6

test_deque: copy tweaks from the 2.7 directory.

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         for match in (True, False):
             d = deque(['ab'])
             d.extend([MutateCmp(d, match), 'c'])
-            self.assertRaises(IndexError, d.remove, 'c')
+            # On CPython we get IndexError: deque mutated during remove().
+            # Why is it an IndexError during remove() only???
+            # On PyPy it is a RuntimeError, as in the other operations.
+            self.assertRaises((IndexError, RuntimeError), d.remove, 'c')
             self.assertEqual(d, deque())
     def test_repr(self):
         p = weakref.proxy(d)
         self.assertEqual(str(p), str(d))
         d = None
+        support.gc_collect()
         self.assertRaises(ReferenceError, str, p)
     def test_strange_subclass(self):