Philip Jenvey committed df0c841

add a bufferstr0_new_w variant

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         buffer = self.buffer_w(w_obj)
         return buffer.as_str()
+    def bufferstr0_new_w(self, w_obj):
+        from pypy.rlib import rstring
+        result = self.bufferstr_new_w(w_obj)
+        if '\x00' in result:
+            raise OperationError(self.w_TypeError, self.wrap(
+                    'argument must be a string without NUL characters'))
+        return rstring.assert_str0(result)
     def bufferstr_w(self, w_obj):
         # Directly returns an interp-level str.  Note that if w_obj is a
         # unicode string, this is different from str_w(buffer(w_obj)):