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 .. branch: reflex-support
 Provides cppyy module (disabled by default) for access to C++ through Reflex.
 See doc/cppyy.rst for full details and functionality.
+.. branch: nupypy-axis-arg-check
+Check that axis arg is valid in _numpypy
 .. "uninteresting" branches that we should just ignore for the whatsnew:
 .. branch: slightly-shorter-c


         error = None # for the annotator
         if self.parser.is_nonterminal(symbol):
             rule = self.parser.get_rule(symbol)
-            lastexpansion = len(rule.expansions) - 1
             subsymbol = None
             error = None
             for expansion in rule.expansions:
                 curr = i
                 children = []
-                for j in range(len(expansion)):
-                    subsymbol = expansion[j]
+                for subsymbol in expansion:
                     node, next, error2 = self.match_symbol(curr, subsymbol)
                     if node is None:
                         error = combine_errors(error, error2)


     _WIN32 = True
     _WIN32 = False
 if _WIN32:
     underscore_on_windows = '_'
     underscore_on_windows = ''
-_DARWIN = sys.platform.startswith('darwin')
 includes = []
 if not _WIN32:
     # XXX many of these includes are not portable at all
     includes += ['dirent.h', 'sys/stat.h',
                  'sys/times.h', 'utime.h', 'sys/types.h', 'unistd.h',
                  'signal.h', 'sys/wait.h', 'fcntl.h']
-    if _DARWIN:
-        includes += ['util.h']
-    else:
-        includes += ['pty.h']
     includes += ['sys/utime.h']
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