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File pypy/doc/_ref.txt

 .. _`demo/`:
 .. _`demo/`:
 .. _`lib-python/`:
-.. _`lib-python/2.7.0/`:
+.. _`lib-python/2.7/`:
 .. _`lib_pypy/`:
 .. _`lib_pypy/pypy_test/`:
 .. _`lib_pypy/`:
 .. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
 .. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
 .. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
-.. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
 .. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
 .. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
 .. _`pypy/interpreter/`:
 .. _`pypy/objspace/std/`:
 .. _`pypy/objspace/std/`:
 .. _`pypy/objspace/std/`:
-.. _`pypy/objspace/`:
 .. _`pypy/objspace/`:
 .. _`pypy/objspace/`:
 .. _`pypy/rlib`:

File pypy/doc/garbage_collection.rst

 There are a number of environment variables that can be tweaked to
 influence the GC.  (Their default value should be ok for most usages.)
 You can read more about them at the start of
 In more details:
   to the old stage. The dying case 2 objects are immediately freed.
 - The old stage is an area of memory containing old (small) objects.  It
-  is handled by `rpython/memory/gc/`_.  It is organized
+  is handled by `pypy/rpython/memory/gc/`_.  It is organized
   as "arenas" of 256KB or 512KB, subdivided into "pages" of 4KB or 8KB.
   Each page can either be free, or contain small objects of all the same
   size.  Furthermore at any point in time each object location can be

File pypy/doc/interpreter.rst

 calling its ``frame.eval()`` method.  This main entry point 
 initialize appropriate namespaces and then interprets each 
 bytecode instruction.  Python's standard library contains
-the `lib-python/2.7.0/`_ module which allows to view
+the `lib-python/2.7/`_ module which allows to view
 the Virtual's machine bytecode instructions:: 
     >>> import dis