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store (app-level) pyfuncs in a cache and simply callback returns

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     return obj.space.call_method(w_1, m2)
 ### TF1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
-tfn_pyfuncs = {}
+class State(object):
+    def __init__(self, space):
+        self.tfn_pyfuncs = {}
 _tfn_install = rffi.llexternal(
             raise TypeError("2nd argument is not a valid python callable")
         fid = _tfn_install(funcname, npar)
-        tfn_pyfuncs[fid] = pyfunc
+        state = space.fromcache(State)
+        state.tfn_pyfuncs[fid] = pyfunc
         newargs_w = [args_w[1], space.wrap(fid), args_w[3], args_w[4], space.wrap(npar)]
     except (OperationError, TypeError, IndexError):
         newargs_w = args_w[1:]     # drop class
-        pass
     # return control back to the original, unpythonized overload
     ol = tf1_class.get_overload("TF1")
 # TODO: it actually can fail ...
 @cpython_api([rffi.LONG, rffi.INT, rffi.DOUBLEP, rffi.DOUBLEP], rffi.DOUBLE, error=CANNOT_FAIL)
 def cppyy_tfn_callback(space, idx, npar, a0, a1):
-    pyfunc = tfn_pyfuncs[idx]
+    state = space.fromcache(State)
+    pyfunc = state.tfn_pyfuncs[idx]
     npar = int(npar)
     from pypy.module._rawffi.interp_rawffi import unpack_simple_shape
-    from pypy.module._rawffi.array import W_Array, W_ArrayInstance
+    from pypy.module._rawffi.array import W_Array
     arr = space.interp_w(W_Array, unpack_simple_shape(space, space.wrap('d')))
     address = rffi.cast(rffi.ULONG, a0)
     arg0 = arr.fromaddress(space, address, 4)
             result = space.call_function(pyfunc, arg0, arg1)
             result = space.call_function(pyfunc, arg0)
+        dresult = space.float_w(result)
     except Exception:
-        # TODO: error handling here ..
-        return -1.
-    return space.float_w(result)
+        dresult = -1.;            # TODO: error handling here ..
+    return dresult
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