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Do overflow ops with just one long and one int instead of two longs.

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         from pypy.objspace.std.smalllongobject import %(opname)s_ovr
         return %(opname)s_ovr(space, w_int1, w_int2)
     w_long1 = delegate_Int2Long(space, w_int1)
-    w_long2 = delegate_Int2Long(space, w_int2)
-    return %(opname)s__Long_Long(space, w_long1, w_long2)
+    return %(opname)s__Long_Int(space, w_long1, w_int2)
 """ % {'opname': opname}, '', 'exec')
     getattr(model.MM, opname).register(globals()['%s_ovr__Int_Int' % opname],