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Use sys.stderr.encoding when printing exceptions in PyPy. Done by
adding an '_encoding' argument to some functions in the
module, but not changing the default behavior of itself.
This avoids as much as possible breaking anything that explicitly uses

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     return list
-def print_exception(etype, value, tb, limit=None, file=None):
+def print_exception(etype, value, tb, limit=None, file=None, _encoding=None):
     """Print exception up to 'limit' stack trace entries from 'tb' to 'file'.
     This differs from print_tb() in the following ways: (1) if
     if tb:
         _print(file, 'Traceback (most recent call last):')
         print_tb(tb, limit, file)
-    lines = format_exception_only(etype, value)
+    lines = format_exception_only(etype, value, _encoding)
     for line in lines:
         _print(file, line, '')
     list = list + format_exception_only(etype, value)
     return list
-def format_exception_only(etype, value):
+def format_exception_only(etype, value, _encoding=None):
     """Format the exception part of a traceback.
     The arguments are the exception type and value such as given by
     if (isinstance(etype, BaseException) or
         isinstance(etype, types.InstanceType) or
         etype is None or type(etype) is str):
-        return [_format_final_exc_line(etype, value)]
+        return [_format_final_exc_line(etype, value, _encoding)]
     stype = etype.__name__
     if not issubclass(etype, SyntaxError):
-        return [_format_final_exc_line(stype, value)]
+        return [_format_final_exc_line(stype, value, _encoding)]
     # It was a syntax error; show exactly where the problem was found.
     lines = []
                 lines.append('   %s^\n' % ''.join(caretspace))
         value = msg
-    lines.append(_format_final_exc_line(stype, value))
+    lines.append(_format_final_exc_line(stype, value, _encoding))
     return lines
-def _format_final_exc_line(etype, value):
+def _format_final_exc_line(etype, value, _encoding=None):
     """Return a list of a single line -- normal case for format_exception_only"""
-    valuestr = _some_str(value)
+    valuestr = _some_str(value, _encoding)
     if value is None or not valuestr:
         line = "%s\n" % etype
         line = "%s: %s\n" % (etype, valuestr)
     return line
-def _some_str(value):
+def _some_str(value, _encoding=None):
         return str(value)
     except Exception:
         value = unicode(value)
-        return value.encode("ascii", "backslashreplace")
+        return value.encode(_encoding or "ascii", "backslashreplace")
     except Exception:
     return '<unprintable %s object>' % type(value).__name__


+        encoding = sys.stderr.encoding
+    except:
+        encoding = None
+    try:
         from traceback import print_exception
-        print_exception(exctype, value, traceback)
+        print_exception(exctype, value, traceback, _encoding=encoding)
         if not excepthook_failsafe(exctype, value):


         assert err.getvalue() == "ValueError: 42\n"
+    def test_original_excepthook_pypy_encoding(self):
+        import sys
+        if '__pypy__' not in sys.builtin_module_names:
+            skip("only on PyPy")
+        savestderr = sys.stderr
+        class MyStringIO(object):
+            def __init__(self):
+                self.output = []
+            def write(self, s):
+                assert isinstance(s, str)
+                self.output.append(s)
+            def getvalue(self):
+                return ''.join(self.output)
+        for input, expectedoutput in [(u"\u013a", "\xe5"),
+                                      (u"\u1111", "\\u1111")]:
+            err = MyStringIO()
+            err.encoding = 'iso-8859-2'
+            sys.stderr = err
+            eh = sys.__excepthook__
+            try:
+                raise ValueError(input)
+            except ValueError, exc:
+                eh(*sys.exc_info())
+            sys.stderr = savestderr
+            print repr(err.getvalue())
+            assert err.getvalue().endswith("ValueError: %s\n" % expectedoutput)
     # FIXME: testing the code for a lost or replaced excepthook in
     # Python/pythonrun.c::PyErr_PrintEx() is tricky.
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