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adapt to py3

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             res =
             assert res == '1\n'
-    def test_popen_child_fds(self):
-        import os
-        with open(os.path.join(self.pdir, 'file1'), 'r') as fd:
-            with self.posix.popen('%s -c "import os; print, 10)" 2>&1' % (self.python, fd.fileno())) as stream:
-                res =
-                if == 'nt':
-                    assert '\nOSError: [Errno 9]' in res
-                else:
-                    assert res == 'test1\n'
     if hasattr(__import__(, '_getfullpathname'):
         def test__getfullpathname(self):
             # nt specific


+class AppTestPickle:
+    def test_stack_underflow(self):
+        import _pickle
+        raises(TypeError, _pickle.loads, "a string")


-from __future__ import absolute_import
-import py
-from lib_pypy import cPickle
-def test_stack_underflow():
-    py.test.raises(cPickle.UnpicklingError, cPickle.loads, "a string")


     def test_forked_is_main_thread(self):
         "Checks that a forked interpreter is the main thread"
-        import os, thread, signal
+        import os, _thread, signal
         if not hasattr(os, 'fork'):
             skip("No fork on this platform")
         def threadfunction():
             pid = os.fork()
             if pid == 0:
-                print 'in child'
+                print('in child')
                 # signal() only works from the 'main' thread
                 signal.signal(signal.SIGUSR1, signal.SIG_IGN)
         feedback = []
-        thread.start_new_thread(threadfunction, ())
+        _thread.start_new_thread(threadfunction, ())
         self.waitfor(lambda: feedback)
         # if 0, an (unraisable) exception was raised from the forked thread.
         # if 9, process was killed by timer.
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