mattip committed edf33ec

make sure CTR_* signals exist in windows, they were masked by SG_DFL and SIG_IGN

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 def setup():
     for key, value in cpy_signal.__dict__.items():
         if (key.startswith('SIG') or key.startswith('CTRL_')) and \
-                is_valid_int(value):
+                is_valid_int(value) and \
+                key != 'SIG_DFL' and key != 'SIG_IGN':
             globals()[key] = value
             yield key


         cls.w_signal = space.appexec([], "(): import signal; return signal")
     def test_exported_names(self):
+        import os
         self.signal.__dict__   # crashes if the interpleveldefs are invalid
+        if == 'nt':
+            self.signal.CTRL_BREAK_EVENT
+            self.signal.CTRL_C_EVENT
     def test_basics(self):
         import types, os