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 New features of PyPy's Python Interpreter and 
 Translation Framework: 
+  * `Differences between PyPy and CPython`_
   * `What PyPy can do for your objects`_
   * `Stackless and coroutines`_
   * `JIT Generation in PyPy`_ 
 .. _`taint object space`: objspace-proxies.html#taint
 .. _`thunk object space`: objspace-proxies.html#thunk
 .. _`transparent proxies`: objspace-proxies.html#tproxy
+.. _`Differences between PyPy and CPython`: cpython_differences.html
 .. _`What PyPy can do for your objects`: objspace-proxies.html
 .. _`Stackless and coroutines`: stackless.html
 .. _StdObjSpace: objspace.html#the-standard-object-space