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Amaury Forgeot d'Arc  committed f434ee4

MixedModule tests make no sense with appdirect.

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File pypy/interpreter/gateway.py

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     if not isinstance(source, str):
         source = py.std.inspect.getsource(source).lstrip()
-        while source.startswith('@py.test.mark.'):
+        while source.startswith(('@py.test.mark.', '@pytest.mark.')):
             # these decorators are known to return the same function
             # object, we may ignore them
             assert '\n' in source

File pypy/interpreter/test/test_extmodules.py

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 import sys
+import pytest
 from pypy.config.pypyoption import get_pypy_config
 from pypy.objspace.std import StdObjSpace
     def teardown_class(cls):
         sys.path[:] = old_sys_path
+    @pytest.mark.skipif("config.option.runappdirect")
     def test_import(self):
         import extmod
         assert extmod.__file__.endswith('extmod')