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 def newdict(space, type):
+    """ newdict(type)
+    Create a normal dict with a special implementation strategy.
+    type is a string and can be:
+    * "module" - equivalent to some_module.__dict__
+    * "instance" - equivalent to an instance dict with a not-changing-much
+                   set of keys
+    * "kwargs" - keyword args dict equivalent of what you get from **kwargs
+                 in a function, optimized for passing around
+    * "strdict" - string-key only dict. This one should be chosen automatically
+    """
     if type == 'module':
         return space.newdict(module=True)
     elif type == 'instance':
 def dictstrategy(space, w_obj):
+    """ dictstrategy(dict)
+    show the underlaying strategy used by a dict object
+    """
     if not isinstance(w_obj, W_DictMultiObject):
         raise OperationError(space.w_TypeError,
                              space.wrap("expecting dict object"))
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