Brian Kearns committed fb30e6a

support bool order argument for ndarray.__new__

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         return w_obj
-@unwrap_spec(offset=int, order=str)
 def descr_new_array(space, w_subtype, w_shape, w_dtype=None, w_buffer=None,
-                    offset=0, w_strides=None, order='C'):
+                    offset=0, w_strides=None, w_order=None):
     from pypy.module.micronumpy.arrayimpl.concrete import ConcreteArray
     from import calc_strides
     dtype = space.interp_w(interp_dtype.W_Dtype,
     if not shape:
         return W_NDimArray.new_scalar(space, dtype)
+    order = order_converter(space, w_order, NPY_CORDER)
+    if order == NPY_CORDER:
+        order = 'C'
+    else:
+        order = 'F'
     if space.is_w(w_subtype, space.gettypefor(W_NDimArray)):
         return W_NDimArray.from_shape(space, shape, dtype, order)
     strides, backstrides = calc_strides(shape, dtype.base, order)


         # test uninitialized value crash?
         assert len(str(a)) > 0
+        import sys
+        for order in [False, True, 'C', 'F']:
+            a = ndarray.__new__(ndarray, (2, 3), float, order=order)
+            assert a.shape == (2, 3)
+            if order in [True, 'F'] and '__pypy__' not in sys.builtin_module_names:
+                assert a.flags['F']
+                assert not a.flags['C']
+            else:
+                assert a.flags['C']
+                assert not a.flags['F']
     def test_ndmin(self):
         from numpypy import array
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