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File pypy/doc/interpreter.rst

 example and the higher level `chapter on Modules in the coding
-.. _`__builtin__ module`:
+.. _`__builtin__ module`:
 .. _`chapter on Modules in the coding guide`: coding-guide.html#modules
 .. _`Gateway classes`:

File pypy/doc/rffi.rst

 See cbuild_ for more info on ExternalCompilationInfo.
 .. _`low level types`: rtyper.html#low-level-type
-.. _cbuild:
+.. _cbuild:
 flavor='raw'. There are several helpers like string -> char*
 converter, refer to the source for details.
-.. _rffi:
+.. _rffi:
 Registering function as external
 functions, passing llimpl as an argument and eventually llfakeimpl
 as a fake low-level implementation for tests performed by an llinterp.
-.. _``:
+.. _``:

File pypy/doc/translation.rst

 The C Back-End
 GenC is usually the most actively maintained backend -- everyone working on
 PyPy has a C compiler, for one thing -- and is usually where new features are