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Diff from to


     group._addoption('-s', action="store_const", const="no", dest="capture",
         help="shortcut for --capture=no.")
+def pytest_cmdline_parse(pluginmanager, args):
+    # we want to perform capturing already for plugin/conftest loading
+    if '-s' in args or "--capture=no" in args:
+        method = "no"
+    elif hasattr(os, 'dup') and '--capture=sys' not in args:
+        method = "fd"
+    else:
+        method = "sys"
+    capman = CaptureManager(method)
+    pluginmanager.register(capman, "capturemanager")
 def addouterr(rep, outerr):
-    repr = getattr(rep, 'longrepr', None)
-    if not hasattr(repr, 'addsection'):
-        return
     for secname, content in zip(["out", "err"], outerr):
         if content:
-            repr.addsection("Captured std%s" % secname, content.rstrip())
-def pytest_unconfigure(config):
-    # registered in during early loading
-    capman = config.pluginmanager.getplugin('capturemanager')
-    while capman._method2capture:
-        name, cap = capman._method2capture.popitem()
-        # XXX logging module may wants to close it itself on process exit
-        # otherwise we could do finalization here and call "reset()".
-        cap.suspend()
+            rep.sections.append(("Captured std%s" % secname, content))
 class NoCapture:
     def startall(self):
         return "", ""
 class CaptureManager:
-    def __init__(self):
+    def __init__(self, defaultmethod=None):
         self._method2capture = {}
+        self._defaultmethod = defaultmethod
     def _maketempfile(self):
         f = py.std.tempfile.TemporaryFile()
             raise ValueError("unknown capturing method: %r" % method)
-    def _getmethod_preoptionparse(self, args):
-        if '-s' in args or "--capture=no" in args:
-            return "no"
-        elif hasattr(os, 'dup') and '--capture=sys' not in args:
-            return "fd"
-        else:
-            return "sys"
     def _getmethod(self, config, fspath):
         if config.option.capture:
             method = config.option.capture
             method = "sys"
         return method
+    def reset_capturings(self):
+        for name, cap in self._method2capture.items():
+            cap.reset()
     def resumecapture_item(self, item):
         method = self._getmethod(item.config, item.fspath)
         if not hasattr(item, 'outerr'):
             item.outerr = ('', '') # we accumulate outerr on the item
         return self.resumecapture(method)
-    def resumecapture(self, method):
+    def resumecapture(self, method=None):
         if hasattr(self, '_capturing'):
             raise ValueError("cannot resume, already capturing with %r" %
+        if method is None:
+            method = self._defaultmethod
         cap = self._method2capture.get(method)
         self._capturing = method
         if cap is None:
     def pytest_runtest_teardown(self, item):
-    def pytest__teardown_final(self, __multicall__, session):
-        method = self._getmethod(session.config, None)
-        self.resumecapture(method)
-        try:
-            rep = __multicall__.execute()
-        finally:
-            outerr = self.suspendcapture()
-        if rep:
-            addouterr(rep, outerr)
-        return rep
     def pytest_keyboard_interrupt(self, excinfo):
         if hasattr(self, '_capturing'):
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