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 `pypy/objspace/`_                  `object space`_ implementations
-`pypy/objspace/`_          the `trace object space`_ monitoring bytecode and space operations
-`pypy/objspace/`_           the dump object space saves a large, searchable log file
-                                   with all operations
-`pypy/objspace/`_          the `thunk object space`_, providing unique object features 
 `pypy/objspace/flow/`_             the FlowObjSpace_ implementing `abstract interpretation`_
 `pypy/objspace/std/`_              the StdObjSpace_ implementing CPython's objects and types
 .. _`basil`:
 .. _`object space`: objspace.html
 .. _FlowObjSpace: objspace.html#the-flow-object-space 
-.. _`trace object space`: objspace.html#the-trace-object-space 
-.. _`thunk object space`: objspace-proxies.html#thunk
 .. _`transparent proxies`: objspace-proxies.html#tproxy
 .. _`Differences between PyPy and CPython`: cpython_differences.html
 .. _`What PyPy can do for your objects`: objspace-proxies.html