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 * `FAQ`_: some frequently asked questions.
-* `Release 1.8`_: the latest official release
+* `Release 1.9`_: the latest official release
 * `PyPy Blog`_: news and status info about PyPy 
 .. _`Getting Started`: getting-started.html
 .. _`Papers`: extradoc.html
 .. _`Videos`: video-index.html
-.. _`Release 1.8`:
+.. _`Release 1.9`:
 .. _``:
 .. _`RPython toolchain`: translation.html
 .. _`potential project ideas`: project-ideas.html
 Windows, on top of .NET, and on top of Java.
 To dig into PyPy it is recommended to try out the current
 Mercurial default branch, which is always working or mostly working,
-instead of the latest release, which is `1.8`__.
+instead of the latest release, which is `1.9`__.
-.. __: release-1.8.0.html
+.. __: release-1.9.0.html
 PyPy is mainly developed on Linux and Mac OS X.  Windows is supported,
 but platform-specific bugs tend to take longer before we notice and fix