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 The main topic of this release is widening the range of code which PyPy
 can greatly speed up. On average on
 our benchmark suite, PyPy 1.7 is around **30%** faster than PyPy 1.6 and up
-to **20x** faster on some benchmarks.
+to **20 times** faster on some benchmarks.
 .. _`pypy 1.7 and cpython 2.7.1`: http://speed.pypy.org
 * JSON encoder (but not decoder) has been replaced with a new one. This one
   is written in pure Python, but is known to outperform CPython's C extension
-  up to **2x** in some cases. It's about **20x** faster than the one that
-  we had in 1.6.
+  up to **2 times** in some cases. It's about **20 times** faster than
+  the one that we had in 1.6.
 * The memory footprint of some of our RPython modules has been drastically
   improved. This should impact any applications using for example cryptography,