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 * Sets now have strategies just like dictionaries. This means for example
   that a set containing only ints will be more compact (and faster).
-* A lot of progress on various aspects of ``numpypy``.
+* A lot of progress on various aspects of ``numpypy``. See `numpy-status`_
+  page for the automatic report.
 * The non-x86 backends for the JIT are progressing but are still not
   merged (ARMv7 and PPC64).
+* JIT hooks for inspecting the created assembler code has been improved.
+  See `JIT hooks documentation`_ for details.
+There is a corresponding 1.9 release of JitViewer which is guaranteed to work
+with PyPy 1.9. See `JitViewer docs`_ for details.
+.. _`numpy status`:
+.. _`JitViewer docs`:
+.. _`JIT hooks documentation`:
 XXX should we do something with whatsnew-1.9.txt?