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 this task into several steps, and the purpose of this document is to
 introduce them.
-As of the 1.2 release, RPython_ programs can be translated into the following
-languages/platforms: C/POSIX, CLI/.NET
-and Java/JVM.
 .. _`application-level`: coding-guide.html#application-level
 .. _`interpreter-level`: coding-guide.html#interpreter-level
-The choice of the target platform affects the process somewhat, but to
-start with we describe the process of translating an RPython_ program into
+To start with we describe the process of translating an RPython_ program into
 C (which is the default and original target).
 .. _`initialization time`:
 Use the :config:`translation.backend` option to choose which backend to use.
-The Object-Oriented Backends
-The Object-Oriented backends target platforms that are less C-like and support
-classes, instance etc. If such a platform is targeted, the `OO type system` is
-used while rtyping. Of the OO backends, both gencli and genjava can translate
-the full Python interpreter.
-.. _`oo type system`: rtyper.html#oo-type
-.. mention that pretty much all these backends are done by volunteers?
-GenCLI_ targets the `Common Language Infrastructure`_, the most famous
-implementations of which are Microsoft's `.NET`_ and Mono_.
-It is the most advanced of the object oriented backends -- it can
-compile the PyPy interpreter as well as our two standard benchmarks,
-RPyStone (CPython's PyStone benchmark modified slightly to be RPython)
-and a RPython version of the common Richards benchmark.
-It is almost entirely the work of Antonio Cuni, who started this
-backend as part of his `Master's thesis`_, the Google's Summer of Code
-2006 program and the Summer of PyPy program.
-.. _`Common Language Infrastructure`:
-.. _`.NET`:
-.. _Mono:
-.. _`Master's thesis`:
-.. _GenCLI: cli-backend.html
-GenJVM targets the Java Virtual Machine: it translates RPython
-programs directly into Java bytecode, similarly to what GenCLI does.
-So far it is the second most mature high level backend after GenCLI:
-it still can't translate the full Standard Interpreter, but after the
-Leysin sprint we were able to compile and run the rpystone and
-richards benchmarks.
-GenJVM is almost entirely the work of Niko Matsakis, who worked on it
-also as part of the Summer of PyPy program.
 .. _extfunccalls:
 External Function Calls