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Diff from to


         # Function defaults and decorators happen in the outer scope.
         args = func.args
         assert isinstance(args, ast.arguments)
-        if args.defaults:
-            self.visit_sequence(args.defaults)
-        if func.decorator_list:
-            self.visit_sequence(func.decorator_list)
+        self.visit_sequence(args.defaults)
+        self.visit_sequence(func.decorator_list)
         new_scope = FunctionScope(, func.lineno, func.col_offset)
         self.push_scope(new_scope, func)
-        # func.body should never be empty (or else it contains one Pass)
-        # but it can be if we make an ast.FunctionDef() from app-level.
-        if func.body:
-            self.visit_sequence(func.body)
+        self.visit_sequence(func.body)
     def visit_Return(self, ret):
     def visit_ClassDef(self, clsdef):
         self.note_symbol(, SYM_ASSIGNED)
-        if clsdef.bases:
-            self.visit_sequence(clsdef.bases)
-        if clsdef.decorator_list:
-            self.visit_sequence(clsdef.decorator_list)
+        self.visit_sequence(clsdef.bases)
+        self.visit_sequence(clsdef.decorator_list)
         self.push_scope(ClassScope(clsdef), clsdef)
     def visit_Lambda(self, lamb):
         args = lamb.args
         assert isinstance(args, ast.arguments)
-        if args.defaults:
-            self.visit_sequence(args.defaults)
+        self.visit_sequence(args.defaults)
         new_scope = FunctionScope("lambda", lamb.lineno, lamb.col_offset)
         self.push_scope(new_scope, lamb)
         self.push_scope(new_scope, node)
-        if outer.ifs:
-            self.visit_sequence(outer.ifs)
+        self.visit_sequence(outer.ifs)
         for item in list(consider):
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