pypy / pypy / module / cppyy / test / overloads.cxx

Diff from to


 std::string more_overloads2::call(const dd_ol*, int) { return "dd_olptr"; }
 std::string more_overloads2::call(const dd_ol&, int) { return "dd_olref"; }
+double calc_mean(long n, const float* a)     { return calc_mean<float>(n, a); }
+double calc_mean(long n, const double* a)    { return calc_mean<double>(n, a); }
+double calc_mean(long n, const int* a)       { return calc_mean<int>(n, a); }
+double calc_mean(long n, const short* a)     { return calc_mean<short>(n, a); }
+double calc_mean(long n, const long* a)      { return calc_mean<long>(n, a); }
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