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 NDIGITS_MAX = int((rfloat.DBL_MANT_DIG - rfloat.DBL_MIN_EXP) * 0.30103)
 NDIGITS_MIN = -int((rfloat.DBL_MAX_EXP + 1) * 0.30103)
 def descr___round__(space, w_float, w_ndigits=None):
     # Algorithm copied directly from CPython
     from pypy.objspace.std.floatobject import W_FloatObject
     assert isinstance(w_float, W_FloatObject)
     x = w_float.floatval
-    if space.is_none(w_ndigits):
+    if w_ndigits is None:
         # single-argument round: round to nearest integer
         rounded = rfloat.round_away(x)
         if math.fabs(x - rounded) == 0.5:
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