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File pypy/translator/backendopt/

 from pypy.translator.backendopt.stat import print_statistics
 from pypy.translator.backendopt.merge_if_blocks import merge_if_blocks
 from pypy.translator import simplify
-from pypy.translator.backendopt.escape import malloc_to_stack
 from pypy.translator.backendopt import mallocprediction
 from pypy.translator.backendopt.removeassert import remove_asserts
 from import log
 from pypy.translator.backendopt.checkvirtual import check_virtual_methods
+from pypy.translator.backendopt.storesink import storesink_graph
 from pypy.objspace.flow.model import checkgraph
     if == 'ootypesystem':
+    if config.remove_asserts:
+        constfold(config, graphs)
+        remove_asserts(translator, graphs)
+    if config.really_remove_asserts:
+        for graph in graphs:
+            removenoops.remove_debug_assert(graph)
+        # the dead operations will be killed by the remove_obvious_noops below
     # remove obvious no-ops
     def remove_obvious_noops():
         for graph in graphs:
             print "after clever inlining and malloc removal"
             print_statistics(translator.graphs[0], translator)        
+    if config.storesink:
+        for graph in graphs:
+            storesink_graph(graph)
     if config.profile_based_inline and not secondary:
         threshold = config.profile_based_inline_threshold
     constfold(config, graphs)
-    if config.remove_asserts:
-        remove_asserts(translator, graphs)
-    if config.heap2stack:
-        assert graphs is translator.graphs  # XXX for now
-        malloc_to_stack(translator)
     if config.merge_if_blocks:
         log.mergeifblocks("starting to merge if blocks")
         for graph in graphs:
         print "after if-to-switch:"
         print_statistics(translator.graphs[0], translator)
-    if config.coalloc and not secondary:
-        from pypy.translator.backendopt import coalloc
-        coalloc.malloc_to_coalloc(translator)
     for graph in graphs: