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Diff from to


 from pypy.rlib.rarithmetic import r_uint, r_longlong, r_ulonglong
 from pypy.rlib.rarithmetic import r_singlefloat
 from pypy.rlib.debug import ll_assert
-from pypy.rlib.rstackovf import _StackOverflow
 from pypy.annotation import model as annmodel
 from pypy.rpython.annlowlevel import MixLevelHelperAnnotator
 from pypy.tool.sourcetools import func_with_new_name
         exc_data, null_type, null_value = self.setup_excdata()
         rclass = translator.rtyper.type_system.rclass
-        (stackovf_ll_exc_type,
-         stackovf_ll_exc) = self.get_builtin_exception(_StackOverflow)
          assertion_error_ll_exc) = self.get_builtin_exception(AssertionError)
                 exc_data.exc_type = rclass.ll_inst_type(evalue)
                 exc_data.exc_value = evalue
-        def rpyexc_raise_stack_overflow():
-            rpyexc_raise(stackovf_ll_exc_type, stackovf_ll_exc)
         self.rpyexc_occured_ptr = self.build_func(
             jitcallkind='rpyexc_raise') # for the JIT
-        self.rpyexc_raise_stack_overflow_ptr = self.build_func(
-            "RPyRaiseStackOverflow",
-            self.noinline(rpyexc_raise_stack_overflow),
-            [], lltype.Void)
         self.rpyexc_fetch_exception_ptr = self.build_func(
                 self.transform_jump_to_except_block(graph, entrymap, link)
         for block in list(graph.iterblocks()):
-            self.replace_stack_unwind(block)
             need_exc_matching, gen_exc_checks = self.transform_block(graph, block)
             n_need_exc_matching_blocks += need_exc_matching
         return n_need_exc_matching_blocks, n_gen_exc_checks
-    def replace_stack_unwind(self, block):
-        for i in range(len(block.operations)):
-            if block.operations[i].opname == 'stack_unwind':
-                # if there are stack_unwind ops left,
-                # the graph was not stackless-transformed
-                # so we need to raise a StackOverflow in any
-                # case
-                block.operations[i].opname = "direct_call"
-                block.operations[i].args = [self.rpyexc_raise_stack_overflow_ptr]
     def replace_fetch_restore_operations(self, block):
         # the gctransformer will create these operations.  It looks as if the
         # order of transformations is important - but the gctransformer will
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