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Author Commit Message Date
Tobias Pape
Enhance the dotviewer. - include Droid fonts (under Apache license) - allow for unicode by sending UTF-8 over the wire and force unicode decode on the other end - Make all text antialiased. It was already enabled unconditionally for the status bar and is now for the normal text, too.
Armin Rigo
Support translator.viewcg() with an argument now: the graph to display at the start.
Maciej Fijalkowski
Make it run on top of pypy-c (well, not really...)
Armin Rigo
Small enhancements.
Armin Rigo
Avoid the unnecessary traceback from a RemoteError.
Armin Rigo
Merge the graphserver-dist branch. For description, see my mail "Pygame viewer" on pypy-dev.