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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Antonio Cuni avatarAntonio Cuni
make autopath and our compatible with python3: this is needed to run -A tests with the compiled pypy-c
Benjamin Peterson avatarBenjamin Peterson
remove libpythondir from autopath; it's not used anywhere
Maciej Fijalkowski avatarMaciej Fijalkowski
fix autopath to import py only *after* sys.path has been augmented
Maciej Fijalkowski avatarMaciej Fijalkowski
Change 2.4.1 to 2.5.2. Add a new dir in autopath.
Maciej Fijalkowski avatarMaciej Fijalkowski
Check-in merge attempt. Diff is to huge to read it.
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
An autopath fix: avoid the getattr(mod, '__file__') if unneeded,
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Yet Another Autopath Fix (tm).
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
issue47 in-progress
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