pypy / _pytest /

The branch 'stm-gc' does not exist.
Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Ronny Pfannschmidt avatarRonny Pfannschmidt
syncronize pylib and pytest with current hg versions
Benjamin Peterson avatarBenjamin Peterson
update py.test again (now with 2.5 support)
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Backout changes 3c0ae7fce1c7 to cfbda2605f9d
Benjamin Peterson avatarBenjamin Peterson
upgrade to latest development version of py.test
holger krekel avatarholger krekel
use actually released pytest-2.0.3 / py-1.4.3 versions
holger krekel avatarholger krekel
remove old py copy, add current pytest and py lib snapshots (from pytest-2.0.1dev and py-1.4.1dev)
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