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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Ronan Lamy
copy pypy/interpreter/ wholesale into flowspace + Use the flowspace version of ArgumentsForTranslation everywhere.
Armin Rigo
Revert the introduction of the class Defaults in (manually, so I hope I didn't forget anything). Replace it with the single line: _immutable_fields_ = ['defs?[*]']
Alex Gaynor
Try to propogate the immutability of defaults through the code more, fixes the 3 failing pypy_c tests
Carl Friedrich Bolz
merge improve-kwd-args
Jacob Oscarson
(arre, iko, oscar, pedronis) fix this code to work both for oo/ll type systems, it seems is not really used by PyPy tough.
Armin Rigo
(pedronis, arre, arigo) Started porting the timeshifting tests to codegen/i386. Lots of small refactorings and fixes, in-progress. Mix-level annotation is "fun".
Michael Hudson-Doyle
remove the extremely-rarely-not-[] argument from the newdict operation.
Armin Rigo
In rtuple, renamed the interface "getitem()" to "getitem_internal()" to make it clear that it returns a value of the internal type-erased repr. Added a getitem() which returns the externally-expected variable. The reason is that using the internal repr is a bit dangerous now, because the root 'object' repr doesn't really handle the objects that can be tagged pointers. This caused a crash in string formatting (see test).
Antonio Cuni
(antocuni, nik, arigo) Fixed a cornercase for ootypesytem, where methods defined in superclass are only called in subclasses.
Niklaus Haldimann
(pedronis, nik) added call_args llop to ootype methods. a bit of generalizing to share code with lltype. but the various simple_call/call_args implementations are still a bit too similar (and obscure).
Armin Rigo
Merging, step 3: copy relevant files and directories from the branch. The branch should not be modified any more now.
Michael Hudson-Doyle
importfun suggestions for rpython/
Boris Feigin
* Adding rpython/ from hl-backend branch into trunk.
Samuele Pedroni
- changes to support continuing rtyping even in the presence of errors (along the lines of this mail , Thanks to the poster) - '-t-insist' option for translate_pypy to continue specializing even after errors
Samuele Pedroni
refactor to reuse logic in rtyping of simple_call and call_args. Support for call_args for non-normalized cases, with tests.