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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Ronan Lamy
copy pypy/interpreter/ wholesale into flowspace
Armin Rigo
Revert the introduction of the class Defaults in
Alex Gaynor
Try to propogate the immutability of defaults through the code more, fixes the 3 failing pypy_c tests
Carl Friedrich Bolz
merge improve-kwd-args
Jacob Oscarson
(arre, iko, oscar, pedronis)
Armin Rigo
(pedronis, arre, arigo)
Michael Hudson-Doyle
remove the extremely-rarely-not-[] argument from the newdict operation.
Armin Rigo
In rtuple, renamed the interface "getitem()" to "getitem_internal()" to
Antonio Cuni
(antocuni, nik, arigo)
Niklaus Haldimann
(pedronis, nik)
Armin Rigo
Merging, step 3: copy relevant files and directories from the branch.
Michael Hudson-Doyle
importfun suggestions for rpython/
Boris Feigin
* Adding rpython/ from hl-backend branch into trunk.
Samuele Pedroni
- changes to support continuing rtyping even in the presence of errors
Samuele Pedroni
refactor to reuse logic in rtyping of simple_call and call_args.