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pypy / pypy / rpython / ootypesystem / ll_str.py

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Armin Rigo
(arre, arigo) Special-case hex() and oct() of sys.maxint-1. Avoids segfaults of pypy-c.
Antonio Cuni
ll_int_str is not a suggested_primitive in ootypesystem.
Maciej Fijalkowski
Added possible suggested_primitive optimizations
Antonio Cuni
- Added support for float to string conversion to ootypesystem. - Removed the temporary oostring2 which was used for playing with ooregistry. - Moved oostring and ooparse_int implementatio to ooregistry.py. Due to the use of extregistry now tests should import ootypesystem.ooregistry so that entries are registered.
Antonio Cuni
Fixed a bug in ootypesystem hex() and oct() function.
Samuele Pedroni
! ll_str cannot simply be removed from Reprs. it is used by % formatting and other ll_strs. In those cases thee one for floats was now used causing various tests to break (even under translator/c in quite unexpected ways). attach the rtyper to the low-level annotation policy during rtyping and introduce a specialisation that can pick out of modules under xxtypesystem a function based on which type system is in use: specialize:ts('<module>.<…
Antonio Cuni
Added support for int to string conversion (including hex and oct) to ootypesystem.