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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Stefano Rivera
Document configuration environment variables Add gc_info.rst, documenting minimark's configuration variables, link into tree. Add cpython compatibility variables to the pypy manpage. Add missing command line options to the pypy manpage. Link the manpage into the document tree.
Stefano Rivera
Rather use standard Sphinx 1.x target
Stefano Rivera
Add pypy.1 manpage to sphinx docs
Carl Friedrich Bolz
whack until we get documentation for all config options in a sphinx style. some of this is not pretty nor proper, but I want to spend no more time on this.
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac, necaris): Initial sphinxification of documentation, using sphinx-quickstart (0.6.4) The temp_index.txt is the index.txt that would have been generated. Keeping for now whilst we figure out how to merge it with the existing index.txt